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Mould Steel     2767

Mould Steel     H13

Mould Steel     P20

Mould Steel     420

Mould Steel     2316

For plastic moulds, die cast tools, rubber moulds. A vacuum hardening steel.

Aluminium and magnesium hot extrusion die cast tools. High quality plastic moulds. Vacuum hardening.

Plastic moulds – zinc die casting dies – bolsters – machine parts.

Moulds for corrosive plastics – moulds requiring high polishability.

Plastic moulds in the pre-hardened condition. High chromium giving good corrosion resistance.


Tool Steel       01

Tool Steel       A2

Tool Steel       D2


Tool Steel       D3

Tool Steel       S1 

Press tools – gauges – jigs & fixtures.

Tools for forming, blanking & piercing. Excellent toughness.

Blanking tools – deep drawing tools & gauges. For use where toughness is required, blanking and piercing. Excellent toughness.

Blanking tools requiring maximum resistance to abrasion.

Heavy duty shock resistant steel for punches, dies and coining dies etc.


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